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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  February 14, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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lion americans at risk of foreclosure have been helped by making home affordable. find out now what your options are. ♪ i'm home where i belong feb 14th.. happy valentine'ssday!!
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another case of animal abuse has some people outraged.a witness says he spotted two boys using a stick to beat a cat in fells point. he tried chasing catch them.the man then went back to help the animal. the baltimore animal care and rescue shelter is now caring for the cat they named "marilyn"... who had to have a viewing for the orioles'
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"other iron man".. ernie tyler.. will be held today. today.tyler... worked 3- thousand -819 consecutive home games as an oriole umpire.his streak ended when he was invited to attend cal ripken's hall of fame induction.tyler died last week.. at the age of . 86.a funeral mass will be held tomorrow morning at st. ignatius catholic church in forest hill.tyler will then be laid to rest at bel air memorial gardens. as maryland lawmakers decide whether to legalize same sex marriage.... a recent decision could make it possible for two women... in one rrlationship... to share the title of mother. mother. the state attorney geeeral handed down an opinion last year... stating that gay couples who legally wed in other states... should have their marriages recognized based on that decision... two women could soon be listed as the mothers on a child's birth certificate..but some lawmakers take issue with the new policy. 04:48:25 "this opinion that has just come through is a way to undermine that and
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cirrumvent that without going through legislation." legislation."lawmakers areeset to vote on same-sex legislation next week. a new era is taking hold in egypt. the country's military is seizing almost complete power...but also meeting some of the demands made by the protesters. the new rulers are laying out a plan for a transition... including dissolving the parliament and suspending he constitution. davvd lee miller as the latest from cairo. cairo. egypt's military makes it's first big governing decision.. leaders dissolved parliament and suspended its constitution.. telling egyptians it would be in charge for six months or until elections can be held the supreme council of the armed forces will appoint a committee to propose changes to the constitution, which would then be submitted to voters. the council will have the power to issue new laws during the transition period. meanwhile-- the caretaker government held its first official meeting since hosni mubarak was ousted as president workers removed a giant picture of mubarak from
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the meeting room. the prime minister is asking the country to return to a sense of normalcy after more than 2-weeks of protests. shafiq says: "now it is time to work, your country needs you and your establishment needs you too, we need the train that is 'egypt' to start moving." but in tahrir square - fights broke out between demonstrators and theemilitary. by late sunday.. most left.chahine says: "we do not want the army to take over. we want them just to stand guard as the people wait and demand from the army to execute our demands." and as the slow cleanup begins ...a full inventory of the egyptian museum in cairo has found that looters made off at least 18 antiquee. a criminal investigation has begun to try to recover the valuable objects. a group of men are being questioned.on cam tag:the military ow has to deal with the economic problems that fueled the revolt, including massive youth unemployment and economic underdevelopment. many demonstratrors say the military won't be able to
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solve any of these problems. in cairo, dlm fn unrest in egypt isn't keeping marylanders from deploying just a few weeks... several members of the maryland national guard will be deployed to the sinai peninsula.they'll be enforcing the 30-year old peace treaty between egypt and israel.and they are bracing for what could be... a high-risk assignment. (43:08) "it could be really dangerous. the new egypt government may not be friendly to israel israel is alreedy making decisions to be more defensive and us being in the middle of it, we'll have to adapt and change quickly..." quickly..."members of the maryland national guard are expected to spend a year in that region. 170-other national guardsmen will spend the next year in iraq. their unit... is based in havre de grace... deployed over the weekend.photojournalist jason fischer was there to capture their goodbyes... goodbyes...
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the guardsmen will be working in support
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unit... as the u-s ramps down
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its effort in iraq. president obama will meet with area students today.he's expected to arrive at parkville middle and center of technology later this morning. morning.megan giililand is live from the school with more on what the president is expected to say. say.good morning patrice, president obama is expected to talk about the importance in investing in education to prepare our kids to be competitive prepare our kids education to investing in importance in about the expected to talk president obama is patrice,good morning the president is expected to arrive at 10:15.we will have live coverage, stay with us. live in parkville, megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. today.. president 3 3 choices.
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3 choices.some tough willing to make some tough choices. 3 3 today.. president obama will also submit a 3-trillion dollar proposed budget for 2012.the plan promises a 1-trillion dollar budget reduction over the next decade.. by freezing many domestic programs for five years.. trimming military spending and limiting tax deductions for the wealthy.the president's budget director says the spending package shows that the administration
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is willing to make some tough choices. it's all the buzz in howard county right now...what to do about the bees. --nats-- --nats--the debate began three pears ago... when a resident filed a complaint... claiming his neighbors' beehives... used for growing honey... were too close to his property line. at the time... zoning laws required the hives be at least 2-hundred feet away... the same distance required for chicken coops and cattle barns. in response... county beekeepers began lobbying for less restrictions... claiming the distance doesn't really matter since bees travel by nature... but always return to their hives. "they go five miles, all around and bring all their food back.. on my little property." last week... the beekeepers won their case before the
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county council.the new zoning standard is just 25 feet... or ten feet from a neighbor's home... if there's a fence line that forces the insects to fly high. the polar bear plunge makes it way from maryland to oregon. oregon.(people yelling and running into water) water)close to 15-hundred residents there --- were able to take a freezing dip to help raise money for the special olympics.the plunge in oregon raised about 250-thousand dollars. coming up on the early edition... sweets.. for your sw? sweet? "candy, chocolate of course" what americans will spendd billions of dollar on.. for valentines day. day. ((break 1)) ((bump in)) ((break 1)) ((2-shot toss to weather))
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still to come... a lingerie party for underage teens.where it's being held.. and causing outrage. outrage. "candy, chocolate of course" 3 and next.. americans will spend more than 18 billion dollars on valentine's day this year. up next... why even people without a valentine are spending money too. ((bump out)) ((break 2))
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a boost in the econooy is expected to make this year's valentine's day a little sweeter for some. stephanie elam finds out just how much more people are spending and what they're buying for this sentimental hol. holiday. love is in the air, america! after pinching pennies hard for a couple of years, consumers are once again ready to shower their loved ones with gifts. in fact, according to ibis world research, americans will spend 18.6 billion dollars this year on valentine's day purchases. that's nearly 6 percent more than last year -- and breaks down to about 125 bucks a what are folks buying? candy, chocolate of course, which my husband and daughter and her son.well $100 is probably going to go towards food.i would sayyi would split dinner with my
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boyfriend and then go out to a museum or doubt greeeing cards, flowers, clothing and jewelry are all popular gifts. but americans will spend most of their dough on romantic getaways, candy and the most popular expense of all - dining out. all those meals will cost us $8.8 billion this year.when it comes to gender, it looks like men just don't trust the old adage, "it's the thought that counts." the national retail federation says the average pan will drop more than $158 for valentine's dayy-- while the average woman will onlyy valentine's day is not just d for humans. the national retail federation says the average person will spend just over 5 bucks on the family pet -- up nearly $2 from last year.but let's face it -- not everyone has a valentine to lavish. that doesn't mean, however, that these folks aren't spending. in fact, the n-r-f says consumers will spend an average of $6.30 on friends, about $5 on classmates and teachers and just over $3 on co-workers --
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after all, valentine's day is on a monday.stephanie elam, cnn, new york straight ahead... first .. the national anthem.. now the gramm. grammys.tribute song nats nattthe mistake christina aguilera made.. that most people probably missed. missed.and next.. how it could soon be easier.. for you to get a small business loan. ((break 3))
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president obama tries to reconcile his rocky relationship with the u.s. chamber of commerce.riih edson has the latest on what obama's doing to loosen business regulations. 3 president obama and the chamber of commerce have been at odds for much of his term. in his first speech at the chamber the president says both government and businesses are accountable for this country's future. obama says: but, i want to be
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clear... even as we make america the best place on earth to do business, businesses also have a responsibility to america." while defending the regulation of business, the president acknowledges some federal rules are impractical. he's ordered a review of government regulations and called for an overhaul of the corporate tax code. some in the business community say those proposals fall short, especially since many small businesses pay taxes as individuals. the chamber says that system is costing businesses more. meanwhile, on capitol hill, federal reserve hairman ben bernanke says it's still difficult for small businesses to secure loans, but he says conditions are improving. bernanke sayy: "what i'm hearing and what we're seeing in some surveys is some modest improvement now in terms of the lending environment for smaller business and some growth among community banks." meanwhile, the obama administration says it is moving forward on three key free trade agreements. u-s trade representative ron kirk says the administration
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wants to ensure a good deal for us small businesses.kirk pays:" we tend to overlook the fact ttat many of the beneficiaries of trade are those small businesses who are suppliers to either caterppllar or chrysler or ford. and they may not even realize that they're benefitting from trade." on cam tag the obama administration has renegotiated a trade deal with south korea. kirk says the white house also wants to improve pacts with colombia and panama. republicans say they want to enact these agreements as soon as possible. that's it for this edition of the small business report. rich edson fox business network. coming up... taking a tumble.christina aguilera.. and the other big star performance.... to have an issue with gravity at the gr. grammys.. [ male announcer ] why do we channel
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barack obama is coming to baltimore county. tonight on fox 45 3 3 &p 3 3 3